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Local delicacies & traditions

Lesse Brewery - Brasserie de la Lesse 

Located in the Eprave, a small village in the municipality of Rochefort, the Lesse Brewery is a cooperative with a social purpose created in 2011 by a bunch of old friends that live in the area.  


You can visit the brewery on appointment.

  • Entrance fee: for the visit and the tasting of our beers: 7€ (visit + tasting + glass to take home)
  • Duration: +- 1h30
  • Only on weekends, on reservation, for groups of a minimum 10 (and a maximum of 25)
  • Our shop is open from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 > 17:00, except on Bank Holidays


La Cambrée

Amber beer with 6,5° alcohol content. It’s a dark ginger beer with orange glints. The beer is a bit cloudy and has a slightly compact and unctuous head. It has a delicate smoky aroma and a bittersweet taste with a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste. This double fermentation beer has a full bodied and generous taste.

The Cambrée was elected best amber beer for 2012 in the competition “Best Belgian Beer of Wallonia”. Only 5 months old and already elected best beer in its category!

La Chinette

Blond beer with a 6° alcohol content. Slightly bitter, the Chinette is golden blond, with a pleasant fruit aroma (citrus). This high fermentation beer is made according to an age-old process, and re-fermented in the bottle.

Its name stems from the nickname that was given to the villagers of Buissonville (our home village) in the beginning of the 20th century: the villagers loved to tease, which is why they were dubbed « Chinards de Buissonville » (Chiner is Walloon dialect for ‘to tease’).

La Rouge-Croix

Brown beer with a 7,5° alcohol percentage. This high fermentation beer is fermented a second time in the bottle. The thick and generous foam looks like cream. It has a distinct hop taste, and a bitter aftertaste.
You can also taste the roasted aromas of malt and chocolate, as well a hint of Curacao.

The name comes from a Merovingian graveyard, la Rouge-Croix (red cross), in Eprave. It is also our area with its charming hamlets, rich history going back to times immemorial that gives its typical character to our beer, to our brewery...


The brewery also produces the HIVEResse : dark brown and dense, it has a creamy head and is lightly sparkling. It has a spicy aroma, with distinctive notes of gingerbread, liquorice, etc.


And, last but definitely not least - the Marie Blanche, the brewery’s most recent creation. It's a white beer, with an abundant white head, sparkling and slightly bitter. It has a refreshing, slightly acid taste, and is best served cool. It has a very distinct citrus taste and aroma. A perfect drink for those balmy summer days!

Brasserie de la Lesse

Rue du Treux, 43b
5580 - Eprave [Rochefort]

 Contact :
- [Rochefort]
T. +32(0)84/45 75 25
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from : 0000-00-00
to : 0000-00-00
Capacity :
Surface :

Rooms :

Terrace seats :
: 50.143143
: 5.158108
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Lesse Brewery - Brasserie de la Lesse


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