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Malagne, the Rochefort Archaeopark 

Gallo-Roman Archaeopark of Malagne: back to the second century A.D.!

Have you ever wondered what everyday life was like for the Romans and the Gauls? What did they really eat? What about crafts? How did they farm their lands? Did they breed livestock or not? To find the answers to these questions and learn many more interesting facts; visit Malagne, the Rochefort Archaeopark, located at a stone’s throw from the Rochefort Town Centre.

Discover one of the biggest and most important Roman villas of Northern Gaul. On site you will discover an antique Gallo-Roman farm with its livestock, crops, vegetable gardens and workshops!

A journey through time which will alter your perceptions; you will be overflowing with the memories of ancients tastes and aroma’s, with new knowledge about the antique skills they to craft and tame earth and fire, as well as many other surprising facts. To help you understand the Gallo-Roman way of life audiovisual material and scale models are on hand.

Afterwards, it’s time you enjoyed a moments rest in our cafeteria – which is open during our events or on request for groups – or on our peaceful terrace. Feeling a bit peckish? Then it’s high time to try some tasty local products!

Top tip : numerous combined tickets on the theme of heritage and beer are available. Malagne can also boast an archaeological exclusivity: you can book a visit to our micro-brewery and enjoy a demonstration of barley bear brewing !
This beer was usually made with barley or other cereals like maslin (a blended flour), sometimes even with dry beans. They would add extra flavour by using mint or other aromatic herbs. Would-be bakers will definitely love one of our bread baking workshops...


The gardens

Malagne has a vegetable garden, a herb garden (with aromatic and medicinal herbs) and an orchard.

The vegetable garden, in which regional varieties grow, is laid out according to time-honoured Gallo-Roman design: it is divided into low-maintenance beds and supplemented by didactic panels which share insight into the ingenious systems used by our ancestors.

Vegetables, for example, are gathered into different groups depending on their usage: leaf vegetables, root vegetables, fruit vegetables, etc. These organically produced vegetables will definitely provide you with inspiration for your kitchen garden!

Next to the vegetable garden, you can smell the enticing aromas of the garden of useful and medicinal plants. The plants are used for a variety of purposes: basket weaving, as medicine, to cure colds, to dye tissue or wool, for cord making…All in all, more than 200 different varieties of these essential but little-known plants are grown here!

Malagne also boasts two orchards with local and regional fruit varieties which used to be quite common in the area. The small fruit orchard is teeming with indigenous wild species as well as regional berry varieties: raspberries, black currants, gooseberries…


More information about the suns in our "classification of attractions" section.

VIDEO: for a better idea of what to expect, take a quick peek at our video!



From 31/03 till 04/11:

  • Open every day during the school holidays, from 11.00 to 18.00
  • Outside of school holidays: open on weekends and Bank Holidays, from 11.00 to 18.00
  • Duration of the visit : 01:30 > 02:00 (audio-guide included)
  • Last entrance : 16:30

Groups visits : open for group visits all year round, on prior request (closed between Christmas and New Year)


TICKETS - Normal days

  •  Adult : 6,50€ - Children (3 > 12) : 5€ - senior citizens : 5,50€
  • Groups (min. 15 p.) : adults : 5,50€ - children :4€ - senior cit. : 4,50€

    The audioguide is included in the visit, for a paying adult/senior citizen (except during our special events)

Tailor-made visits with a guide are possible, rates and reservations on request.

Special rates for schools – Different combined tickets are available

Malagne, the Rochefort Archaeoparkn Archaeopark of Malagne

Rue du Coirbois, 85
5580 - Rochefort [Rochefort]

 Contact :
- [Rochefort]
T. +32(0)84/22.21.03
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Dogs allowed Parking Meeting room Terrace Cafeteria Bikes welcome

Malagne, the Rochefort Archaeopark


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