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Nature & Discoveries

Domain of the Caves of Han :
The Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park : get up close and personal to the European fauna!

The Wildlife Park, an expanse of 250 hectares, is a haven of peace and quiet. More than that it is also a feast for the eyes : a panorama on the old Lesse valley or the discovery of the mysterious Belvaux Chasm, where the river embarks on its underground course. A diversity of animal species complete this setting. Both animals that live in our woods today : stags, deer, wild boar... and rarer and protected animals such as the ibex, the Tarpan horse, the Przewalsky horse or the European bison can be seen in the Reserve. And finally, you may also admire impressive predators such as the wolf, the lynx or the brown bear. The fact that the animals are happy and well taken care of can be deduced from the impressive number of births that take place every year. A specially designed safari-car for optimal safety will take you on a guided tour of this wonderful wildlife park.

Tickets : available from the front desk, in the village centre of Han-sur-Lesse, just opposite the church.

On foot or by safari bus?
There are 2 options for you to explore the Park:

  • The safari bus tour, a big open vehicle that allows you to appreciate your tour without getting tired.

If you take this option, the safari bus starts from the village centre for a tour of the Park. On the return trip, it drops you off at the play area where children can blow off some steam, or where you boarded the bus, opposite the reception office, to allow you to continue your tour of the Domain and visit the caves for example.

  • Explore the Reserve on foot via the new walking trail:

This forest path, which is 2 kilometers long, allows you to discover the upper part of the Park at your own pace.During your walk, panoramas, lookouts and vantage points will immerse you in a lovely natural environment and take you up close and personal to the animals. If you prefer this option, the safari bus will pick you up in the village centre and drop you off at the highest point of the Massif de Boine. At the end of your tour, it will pick you up again at the Tivoli, and you can finish of your tour by being driven through the plain where a number of wild animal species roam semi-free (2 hrs 15 min. minimum).During the trip back, the safari bus will drop you off at the play ground or in the village centre, where your trip started.

New : discover the canopy in the Wildlife Park: a fantastic treetop adventure!
This 200 m long bridge travelling through the tree tops is a recent addition to the park. From the bridge you can enjoy stunning views of the former river valley as well as a number of more secretive animal species who reside in the tree tops!

NEW: The nature trail will be extended from 2 to 5,5km, which will allow our visitors to explore the whole Park and interact with animals in a totally different manner.

The trail will start off from the reindeer enclosure and take you along all of the European animals.

The park will also welcome a couple of new species, amongst other vultures (that were injured by poachers and can’t be released back into the wild), marmots (groundhogs), and several owl species…

More information about the suns in our "classification of attractions" section.

VIDEO: for a better idea of what to expect, take a quick peek at our video!



  • From 25/02 > 05/03  : every day
  • From 11/02 > 30/03:  on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • From 01/04 > 05/11 :  every day
  • Weekends in November
  • From 26/12 > 06/01 : every day


  • 10.00 to 16.00 : in February, March, November & December
  • 10.00 to 16.30: in April, September & October
  • 10.00 to 16.30, 17.00 or 17.30 in May, June, July & Augustus (depending on the date)


  • Cave : 1.45
  • PrehistoHan : 45 min
  • Wildlife Park : 1.30 or 2.30 (footpath)



Tickets (Cave, visit to the PrehistoHan included) :  13,00 > 19,00€/pers

PassHan : Cave + PrehistoHan + Wildlife Park + Han 1900 : 20,00 > 29,00€/pers

Combined Ticket : Wildlife Park + Han 1900 : 13,00 > 19,00€

GROUP RATES : groups enjoy a 25 to 30% discount on the above mentioned prices. For more information or bookings, please visit www.grotte-de-han.be

Domain of the Caves of Han

Rue Joseph Lamotte, 2
5580 - Han-sur-Lesse [Rochefort]

 Contact :
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Domain of the Caves of Han :
The Wildlife Park


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