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Cave of Lorette-RochefortCave of Lorette-RochefortMalagne, the Rochefort ArchaeoparkHang glidingHorse riding - Hostellerie d HérockDomain of the Caves of Han : The Cave of HanProvincial Park of ChevetogneDinant EvasionDomain of the Caves of Han : The Wildlife ParkGeopark Famenne-ArdenneDomain of the Caves of Han : The Cave of HanMalagne, the Rochefort Archaeopark

LISTE - Canoeing down the Lesse

Canoeing down the Lesse with a kayak, is discovering the enchanting Lesse River while admiring stunning landscapes…

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The weather in the Lesse Valley

Rochefort [ 24-11-2017 - 12:12 ]