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Beauraing: just the place to shop until you drop!

The bustling town centre boasts dozens of shops, pubs and restaurants. Take your pick: jewelry shops, home decor, souvenirs, fashion boutiques, artisan butchers, ice cream parlours, cake shops…perfect for a spot of retail therapy!
Some of the bigger chains are located along the main roads leading to the centre.

Our plus: free parking!

To watch a video of the Beauraing town centre, just click here.

Castle ruins

Nowadays, all that remains of the castle are the towers, the castle walls and the outbuildings. During the Middle-Ages Beauraing was defended by a castle.
During the Middle-Ages, Beauraing was part of the Duchy of Luxemburg and its first known lord is Gérard de Beauraing. In 1436, the 22 May, the castle was destroyed for the first time during a battle opposing Jehan II d’Herbigny and the bishop of Liège.

It was the mayor of Givet, a certain De le Colle, who with his troops “Sans-Culottes” destroyed the castle for the second time and, at the end of the French Revolution, all that was left of the castle was ruins.
The French architect Mestral takes charges of the restoration works that will cost the Duke of Osana 300 million ancient franks. The castle of Beauraing was then at the height of its splendour.
In the greenhouses, of which only the remains subsist today, one could admire plant and tree specimens from all over the world: orange trees, lemon trees, palm trees, cacti… There were even two monkeys living in the greenhouses. The castle was always full of notable, important guests, and in 1880 the Prince of Wales, the future King of England stayed at the castle.

When the castle was sold, the furniture was to be sold in Cologne. Workers came to pack the furniture. They had brought petrol with them to ensure sufficient lighting during the packing. An accident was waiting to happen and it did. The 3 December 1889, during the night, the castle took fire in several places. At nine o’clock in the morning, nothing was left but ruins.
From 1897 to 1912, the castle was occupied by M. Charneux. After being in the hands of M. Matys the castle was bought by Mister Lenelle. In 1930, the restoration works were started. The former outbuildings and the Tower, which were more or less intact, were tastefully converted into a Castel.

Apparitions of the holy Mary

A boarding school was the scene of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to local children.
On Tuesday 29 November 1932, at around six in the evening, a young girl from Beauraing, Fernande Voisin, and her brother Albert, were on their way to the boarding school to get their sister. They are accompanied by the Degeimbre sisters. In the half-light, Alber Voisin glimpses a white light that seems to hover over the slope, just over a cave dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes.

His friends also discern a human form, moving about on the same place. Gilberte Voisin, who has just left the boarding school, also sees a kind of statue with joint hands. Scared and thinking they have just been the victim of a practical joke, the children, aged 9 to 15, are scared and troubled and run back to their homes.
The same scene takes place the next evening as well as Thursday the 01 December. The children warn the parents of the Degeimbre children, who decide to accompany them to the scene of the apparitions.

The vision immediately appears to the children once alone, who fall to their knees, reciting the Ave Maria. They affirm “She’s a beautiful lady of dazzling whiteness, going to and forth between the pink hawthorns”.
The same day at 09 o’clock in the evening, the children go back to the cave and see what they are already calling the Holy Virgin.
On Sunday 04 December, to the question, “are you really the Immaculate Virgin?” the apparition answers by an affirmative sign. The same phenomenon takes place on 5,5 and 08 December . More than 10.000 persons are present.
On the 17 December, the Virgin asks the children to build her a chapel. On the 23, she expresses the wish that believers should come to Beauraing on a pilgrimage.

On Friday 30 December, the Virgin tells the children “Pray, pray a lot”. On the 31, she briefly appears again. On the 02 January the Virgin declares “I will tell each one of you something”. 25.000 people are present on that day.
The crowd prays, hoping for a miracle. More than a 100 doctors, presides by the King’s Counsel of Dinant, submit the children to a strict cross-examination. After revealing a number of secrets to them, the Virgin is said to have declared: “I am the mother of God, Queen of Heaven, keep praying, goodbye”.
After 33 apparitions, a multitude of studies by theologians and doctors, Monsignor Heylen, bishop of Namur, establishes the recognition of the cult.

On 22 August 1946, the Domain is symbolically given to Our Lady of Beauraing. A statue of the Virgin, by Aurélien Pierroux, was erected under the hawthorn. Finally, on the 22 August 1947, the first stone of the chapel near the hawthorn is laid. Now that the Church has officially recognised the apparition, the pilgrims flock by thousands to Beauraing.

Town park "Castel Saint-Pierre"

Near the city centre, you can go for a stroll in an enchanting place: the Park Castel Sint-Pierre. It contains 27hectares of wood, footpaths, seven ponds and a beautiful dwelling, the Castel built by Charles Lenelle. It’s a wonderful place for walking, fishing, sport and relaxation with its barbecues and rest areas. A small arboretum with trees and small trees typical of the Calestienne area invite you to come and discover a 50odd rare tree species. The park is the property of the Town of Beauraing and is open to the public.

Take a look at the park, by watching our video here

 Where to eat? Sleep? What to visit?  You will find detailed information about walking, cycling & mountain biking, hotels, bed & breakfasts, restaurantsvisits and events in and around  Beauraing on this website!

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